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From Paris Court Square, take 79 East toward Dover for approximately 9 miles. Turn right (South) on Sulphur Well Academy Road and follow for approximately 1 and 1/2 miles, where the road will dead end and the church appears on your right. Turn right, and drive past the church to a gravel driveway, which will lead down between the church and the Kendall-Wynns Cemetery. This Unknown cemetery is a small collection of stones in front of a cow pasture fence.

Travel time from Paris Court Square is approximately 15-20 minutes.

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This cemetery sits behind the more prominent Kendall-Wynns and adjacent to the Sulphur Well Church of Christ and cemetery. It is right in front of a present-day cow pasture and is most obviously one of the newest cemeteries seen in Henry County. It is in excellent condition. We do not want to be presumptuous and give it a name at this time, but we are attempting to contact the Sulphur Well Church of Christ for any information they may have. One theory is that it may be an extension of their bigger cemetery to the North, but its distance and strange proximity still makes one unsure. If you are able to lend any information to the name of this cemetery or its current property owner, please contact us.

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Earliest birth date: Robert Walker, born 09 Sep 1938. Names listed in Compendium: not listed
Earliest death date: Dennis R. Mauldin, died 29 Sep 2002. Names evident on records as of March 2, 2007: 5
Prevalent names seen: Walker: 2
Photos archived here: 4

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Photographs taken March 2, 2007.
Name Photos Birth Death Notes Marriage
Mauldin, Dennis R. 005 19 Apr 1947 29 Sep 2002
Riley, Joshua Clay 007
Walker, Patricia H. 009 18 Dec 1940 wife of Robert Walker 1959
Walker, Robert 009 09 Sep 1938 27 Mar 2003 1959
Wynn, Gordon 012 16 Aug 1943 23 Mar 2004

Ambient Photos
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