Cemeteries of Henry County Tennessee
Moody (1) / Rowlette Cemetery
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From Paris Court Square, take 79 East toward Dover for approximately 13 miles. Turn left (North) on Highway 140. After Approximately 500 feet, turn right (North) on Forest Lane / Moody Cemetery Road. After about 1 and 1/2 mile, a newer house will appear up on the hill to your right. Just past (Northwest of) this house is an old tire path leading up the hill to the tree line, where the cemetery starts.

This property is posted as no trespassing very near the cemetery. Proceed with caution.

Travel time from Paris Court Square is approximately 25 minutes.

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The Moody / Rowlette Cemetery sits on a hill above present-day Forest Lane near Paris Landing. Its current property owners have posted no trespassing on the path leading up to the cemetery. Though the maps mark it as Moody Cemetery, the sign reads Rowlette Cemetery. Of note, this sign also seems to have been the target of a shotgun blast at some point in the past.

As one can imagine, this cemetery seems largely forgotten and disrespected. There were two fallen trees inside the cemetery's area on the day we visited. One of these trees had fallen straight down on top of a stone and punched it directly down into the ground. We were surprised to be able to still read some of the details on this stone.

Coupled with brush has grown up around and amongst the stones, this cemetery was a bit treacherous. Condition is very poor.

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Earliest birth date: Samuel Evans, born 28 Dec 1829. Names listed in Compendium: 12
Earliest death date: Louisa S. Perry, died 09 Sep 1869. Names evident on records as of April 28, 2007: 13
Photos archived here: 15

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Photographs taken April 28, 2007.
Name Photos Birth Death Notes
Bailey, Samuel 005 05 Jan 1851 18 Feb 1913
Bailey, T. A. Moody 006 04 Jun 1847 27 Dec 1927 Wife of Samuel Bailey
Evans, Samuel 28 Dec 1829 06 Jun 1911
Green, Miller 010/a 27 Apr 1917 06 Jul 1939 Stone has been driven into the ground by a fallen tree
Green, William Allen 011 03 Mar 1905 06 Apr 1905
Malcolm, E. J. Green 013/a/b 1854 Wife of W. R. Malcolm
Malcolm, W. R. 013/a 1856 1927
Rowlett, Sallie A. 016/a 24 Nov 1857 09 Aug 1922 Wife of J. C. Rowlett
Turpen, John J. 018/a 22 Apr 1849 24/8 Jan 1911
Turpen, Letitia Moody 07 May 1849 24 Jan 1931 Wife of John J. Turpen
Williams, Joe Herman 021/a 13 Oct 1904 22 Oct 1907
Williams, Nettie E. 022 1889 1958

Records of Mr. Ray Williams indicate that there is a small unnamed cemetery near this one with many sandstones but only one marker with lettering. No location is given, and we were not able to locate it.

Name Photos Birth Death Notes
Perry, Louisa S. 24 Jun 1851 09 Sep 1869 Dau of M. L. & Martha Perry

Ambient Photos
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