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Jackson Family Cemetery
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From Paris court square, take 79 East toward Dover approximately 4 and 1/2 miles to Elkhorn-Nobles Road. After about 300 yards, turn left (North) on Jackson Forest Road. The road will bend to the right after about 100 yards and then to the right again after about 300 yards. A house will be directly in front of you on that bend. Just to the right of that house is a clearing in front of a wooded lot, surrounded by chain link fence. The cemetery is in this grove of trees, about 20 yards back from the clearing.

Travel time from Paris Court Square is approximately 10-15 minutes.

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The Jackson Family Cemetery sits inside a grove of woods between two houses in a 20-30 year old subdivision off of 79 and Elkhorn-Nobles Roads. The cemetery seems untended, because the brush and groundcover is almost treacherous and threatens to cover the monuments of an obviously proud family of Jacksons. Markers were difficult to discern in places and broken in others. Overall, condition is poor.

Note: The author does not share a relation with this family.

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Earliest birth date: William Jackson, born 1754. Names listed in Compendium: 10
Oldest death date: William Jackson, died 1836. Names evident on records as of May 27, 2007: 14
Prevalent names seen: Jackson: 8
Photos archived here: 13

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Photographs taken May 27, 2007.
Name Photos Birth Death Notes Marriage
Allman, C. E. Jackson 005/a/b 27 Mar 1816 16 Dec 1840 Wife of Thomas Allman 1835
Carter, Mattie H. Jackson Dau of C. W. & C. G. Jackson; Wife of Thomas Carter
Clement, Alice Loma 05 Apr 1868 14 Jul 1951
Jackson, Anna A. 29 Oct 1816 07 Oct 1889 Wife of J. A. Jackson
Jackson, Bettie Allman 012/a/b Wife of Tom Jackson
Jackson, J. N. Wife of William Jackson
Jackson, James 014/a 13 Feb 18?? 21 Oct 1893
Jackson, John N. 015 1785 1862 Born South Carolina
Jackson, Mary Emma 20 Jul 1864 Aged 2m 12d; Dau of T. P. & N. E. Jackson
Jackson, Thomas H. 012/017 Difficult to Read
Jackson, William 018 1754 1836 "Father of John N. Jackson & Grandfather of George W. Jackson"
Unknown 020/a "Stone in Honor of an Unidentified Family Member"
Wynn, Unknown Wife of Dr. Samuel Wynn
Wynn, Dr. Samuel

Ambient Photos
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