Cemeteries of Henry County Tennessee
Hopewell Church Cemetery (Stewart County)
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From Paris Court square, take 79N East toward Dover. Cross the Ned McWherter Bridge into Stewart County. After about a mile and a half from the bridge, turn left at the signs for Piney Campground. This is actually Fort Henry Road. Follow this road for approximately eight miles, where a dirt road will appear on your right. Take this dirt road down into a very small stream bed. Proceed carefully though it. A cornfield will appear in front of you as the road curves to the right and continues to border this cornfield. If you'll notice, the woods to your right steep sharply upward at this point. After about 300 feet, a trail will become obvious going up this incline. It is not advisable to drive up this incline as the surface of the trail can be loose and treacherous. About 200 feet up this path is the Hopewell Church Cemetery, marked by a green sign (as usually found in LBL cemeteries).

Travel time from Paris Court Square is approximately 40-50 minutes.

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The Hopewell Church Cemetery is located on a hill overlooking Fort Henry Road and LBL cornfields in the Southeastern part of the Land Between the Lakes Recreation area. Its location is marked well on LBL maps but what the map does not show you is what you have to do to access it. Its only access is off of what looks like the cornfield's equipment road and can be easily missed. A trail leads sharply up the hill next to the cornfield and is hardly passable with a vehicle. You just don't know that you've found the cemetery until you have climbed about 200 feet up this hill and see the sign in the distance above you.

A past visitor or caretaker has very generously erected crosses made from PVC pipe at each grave. Even though a small number of the graves are actually marked, it is obvious where burials have been made because each of the graves are sunken. Some broken and fallen gravestones have been repaired very well, and other previously unmarked graves have been given cement markers with names punched into metal plates.

Overall, condition is good.

But... this cemetery is in Stewart County! That's right! We have photographed and included this cemetery in the project because there are some significant ancestors of Henry County folk here.

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Earliest birth date: Henry J. Scarborough, born 28 May 1815. Oldest death date: J. Barnett Scarborough, died 13 Sep 1858.
Names evident on records as of September 25, 2007: 19
Photos archived here: 51

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Photographs taken September 25, 2007.
Name Photos Birth Death Notes Marker?
Cole, Infant 012/a 06 May 1899 Inf of J. H. & Ella Cole Original, Repaired
Crutcher, Lina 014/a Concrete Marker
Elliott, Newell D. 016/a/b/c 1846 1893 Co. D, 50th Tennessee Inf., C. S. A. Newer CSA Stone
Fagan, Cynthia 018/a/b/c/d 27 Mar 1828 17 Sep 1867 "Wife of Rev. R. L. Fagan and Mother of the Rev. F. F. Fagan, both of the Tenn. Conference" Original, Repaired
Fagan, Rev. F. F. 019 Concrete Marker
Fagan, Rev. R. L. 020 Concrete Marker
Glasgow, Cynthia 022/a 1884 Concrete Marker
Glasgow, Joe 023/a Aged 75y* Concrete Marker
Glasgow, Martha 024/a Concrete Marker
Glasgow, Mollie 1870 15 Sep 1926 No Stone
Glasgow, Myra 026/a 1908 1924 Concrete Marker
Pervis, Allen 028/a Concrete Marker
Scarborough, Augustus H. 030/a/b/c/d/e 03 Dec 1831 01 May 1863 Augustus Henry Scarborough˚; Son of Henry J. & Maria C. (Wofford) Scarborough˚; 1st Husb of Margaret Trautner (Raleigh) (Scarborough) Moore˚ Original
Scarborough, Henry J. 031/a/b 28 May 1815 06 Feb 1868 Henry James Scarborough˚; Son of James Monroe, Jr. & Elizabeth Frances (DeBerry) Scarborough˚; Mason Original, Repaired
Scarborough, J. Barnett 032/a/b/c/030e 03 Aug 1839 13 Sep 1858 John Barnett Scarborough˚; Son of Henry J. & Maria C. (Wofford) Scarborough˚ Original, Re-Set
Scarborough, Maria C. 033/a/b/031b 31 Dec 1816 25 Mar 1879 Maria Caroline (Wofford) Scarborough˚; Dau of John & Sarah S. (Gardner) Wofford˚; Wife of Henry J. Scarborough˚ Original, Repaired
Wofford, Infant 035/a Inf of Roxy Barrow Wofford Concrete Marker
Wofford, John G. 036/a Concrete Marker
Wofford, Mariah Ward 037/a Concrete Marker
Unknown ukwn01 Concrete Marker in Front of Sunken Grave, No Identification
Unknown ukwn02 Concrete Marker with PVC Cross in Front of Sunken Grave, No Identification
Unknown ukwn03 Concrete Marker with PVC Cross in Front of Sunken Grave, No Identification
Unknown ukwn04 Concrete Marker with PVC Cross in Front of Sunken Grave, No Identification
Unknown ukwn05 Concrete Marker with PVC Cross in Front of Sunken Grave, No Identification

* Cemeteries of Between the Rivers, Hopewell Church Cemetery.
˚ Owens, Carlos. "Carlos Richard & Myrtice Jean Taylor Owens Related Families." GEDCOM File, Hosted at Rootsweb.

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