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Groom Cemetery
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This cemetery is within 100 yards of an open clay mine pit operation and is owned by its parent company. Since the property owner rightfully has liability concerns, we will not furnish directions to this cemetery. It is our hope, as well as the hope of descendants that our survey of the cemetery will discourage visits by the general public.

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The Groom Cemetery sits inside the woods near an active clay mine site, but is sheltered very well from the operation. The ground cover in and around the cemetery consists of clovers, sawbriar and other miscellaneous greenery. Old growth trees tower at least 80-100 feet over the cemetery, creating quite a tall, open canopy. At least one old creek bed flanks the cemetery site to the Southeast and we crossed possibly another old creek bed to the cemetery's West. The woods were quiet and tranquil that day, although the Tennessee Summer heat beat with no mercy on us!

We were escorted back among the clay mine by an employee of the Kentucky/Tennessee Clay Company that afternoon and did not leave our cars before signing a waiver of liability and donned hard hats with eye protection. Descendant of the Groom Family, Laura Denham, orchestrated the event and accompanied us that day.

The condition of the cemetery is, well, for lack of a better term, old. Most of the older stones are definitely not in their original positions. According to Laura, there were only three stones visible on her last visit eight years ago. She reasoned that several of the stones we photographed must have been dug up since her last visit. It was obvious that someone had, in the last few years, cleared the cemetery site of fallen tree branches and tall growth. However, since so many stones are not in their original positions and the cemetery does not seem to benefit from any regular care, we say that this cemetery is in fair condition.

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Earliest birth date: Daniel L. Futrell, born 24 April 1792. Names listed in Compendium: 14
Earliest death date: Frances Groom, died 04 July 1852. Names evident on records as of August 14, 2007: 14
Photos archived here: 32

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Photographs taken August 14, 2007.
Name Photos Birth Death Notes
Bauldwin, J. F. 005/a/b 04 Oct 1836 06 Aug 1903 Wife of W. R. Bauldwin
Futrell, Daniel L. 007/a 24 Apr 1792 17 Sep 1857 Aged 65y 4m 23d
Futrell, Elizabeth 008/a/b 1835 1926 "Mother"
Futrell, Haywood 009/a 19 Feb 1829 02 May 1857 Aged 28y 2m 13d; Son of Daniel L. & Mary Futrell
Futrell, Jefferson Lee 03 Oct 1863 30 Aug 1875 Son of William B. & Elizabeth Futrell
Futrell, Lycurous Newton 03 Oct 1850 ?? Aug 1858 Son of William B. & Elizabeth Futrell
Futrell, Mary 012/a 06 Dec 1796 14 Jun 1854 Wife of Daniel Futrell
Futrell, Mary J. 013/a 05 Sep 1833 16 Mar 1877 Dau of Daniel L. & Mary Futrell
Futrell, William B. 014 11 Sep 1817 12 Aug 1866 Son of Daniel L. & Mary Futrell
Groom, E. M. Bauldwin 016/a/b 07 Aug 1805 04/8 Jul 1896 2nd Wife of Samuel M. Groom
Groom, Frances 017/a 1804 04 Jul 1852 1st Wife of Samuel M. Groom; Aged 48y
Groom, Samuel 018/a/016b 15 Jan 1802 26 Jul 1861
Taylor, Corah E. 020/a 26 Sep 1887 15 Nov 1892 Dau of W. H. & E. A. Taylor
Taylor, Ida M. 021/a/b/c/d/e/f/g 25 Aug 1880 11 Dec 1899 Dau of T. M. & M. F. Taylor
Unknown ukwn1 Sandstone
Unknown ukwn2 Sandstone
Unknown ukwn3 Sandstone
Unknown ukwn4 Sandstone

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