Cemeteries of Henry County Tennessee
Gray's Landing Cemetery
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From Paris Court Square, take 79 East toward Dover for approximately 19 miles. Cross the Tennessee River on the Scott Fitzhugh Bridge into Stewart County. Once you reach the foot of the bridge, there is a sign indicating Gray's Landing to the left. Turn left. The road is dirt, but is normally graded well year-round. Turn right at the first chance, and the cemetery will be on your left, looking over the water.

Travel time from Paris Court Square is approximately 25-30 minutes.

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The Gray's Landing Cemetery is located on a hill overlooking the present-day Gray's Landing, which historically was much farther back from the banks of the Tennessee River before TVA dammed the river. The Gray's settled this land shortly after Stewart County was organized. Once the land West of the river was annexed and organized by the state, they ran a ferry boat to across the river to Henry County. The present-day landing is used as a recreational boat ramp, campground and fishing spot, as part of the Land Between the Lakes National Park. Consequently, the cemetery is tended well and in excellent condition.

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Earliest birth date: Rev. James Gray, born 06 NOV 1788. Names listed in Compendium: 7
Earliest death date: Anna (Bradford) Gray, died 26 NOV 1876. Names evident on records as of March 25, 2007: 7
Prevalent names seen: Gray: 7
Photos archived here: 22

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Photographs taken January 7, 2006.
Name Photos Birth Death Notes Marriage
Gray, Andrew Jackson, Jr. 005/a 26 Mar 1882 29 Sep 1942 son of Andrew Jackson Sr. & Rebecca Gray 14 Nov 1912
Gray, Andrew Jackson, Sr. 006/a/b/c 06 Oct 1826 07 May 1893 ABT 1846
Gray, Anna 007/a/b/c 26 Dec 1791 09 Jul 1852 Anna (Bradford) Gray; Wife of James Gray; Stone reads: "Of mothers I know thou wert the best \ In heaven thy lovely soul doth rest \ With angels and the blest \ Around the throne of God." 15 Jul 1815
Gray, Edna Warren 005/008 10 Oct 1888 16 Sep 1978 Wife of Andrew Jackson, Jr.; dau. Of John Harvey & Helen Pearl Warren 14 Nov 1912
Gray, Infant 009 1915 Son of Andrew Jackson, Jr. and Edna
Gray, Rev. James 010/a/b/c/d/e 06 Nov 1788 09 Aug 1868 Son of David Gray and Sarah (Kendall) Gray; Born in North Carolina; Stone reads: "A captain in the War of 1812 commanding a company at the Battle of New Orleans, receiving an honorable discharge. Also three others, as commander of posts on the frontier. A member of the Tennessee Legislature for years. Served two years in that convention. Joined the church in 1840. Ordained as a minister of the Gospel and served as Moderator of the Western District Associtation a number of years. Confirmed in the ministry until near his death." 15 Jul 1815
Gray, Rebecca C. 011/a/b 19 Jan 1851 24 Nov 1928 Rebecca Clementine (Campbell) Gray; Wife of Andrew Jackson Gray, Sr. ABT 1846

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