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Gray Family Cemetery
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From Paris Court Square, take 79 East toward Dover for approximately 9 miles. Turn right (South) on Sulphur Wells Academy Road and follow for less than 1/2 mile. Turn left (Northeast) on Friendship Road and follow for approximately 1/2 mile. The cemetery will be on your left in a grove of trees, marked by concrete steps at its entrance.

The home adjacent to the property has a few dogs loose in the front yard, but don't fear them, they're nice.

Travel time from Paris Court Square is approximately 15 minutes.

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The Gray Family Cemetery is located on what was once land owned by at least three Gray generations. The land has since been divided up and now serves as homes to several other names, but the feeling of a large homestead is still there. The cemetery once fronted with Friendship Road with a majestic bricked wall complete with columns, pediments and stairs up to the cemetery surface. Unfortunately this wall has fallen forward in the last ten years and is very slowly becoming covered with grass and brush. One would hardly know it was there. The stairs are still in good condition though it can be seen that the ground beneath them is shifting with time. On the top step, the words "Gray Family Cemetery" are engraved. The cemetery is in excellent condition for its age with no broken stones. The author did find a small obelisk stone toppled over from its base but this was easily fixed. Trees shade the cemetery nicely. There is one dead tree trunk extending high and straight in front of the grave of J. H. Gray which proved to be picturesque.

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Earliest birth date: Rev. Frazier Clifton Gray, born 28 DEC 1814. Names listed in Compendium: 25
Earliest death date: Manerva (Gray) Adams, died 26 NOV 1876. Names evident on records as of January 6, 2006: 28
Prevalent names seen: Gray: 7
Photos archived here: 34

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Photographs taken January 7, 2006.
Name Photos Birth Death Notes Marriage
Adams, Manerva 005 11 Apr 1845 26 Nov 1876 Manerva (Gray) Adams; dau of Rev. F. C. and Mary E. Gray; stone reads "Mrs. Manerva Adams"
Cranford, L. E. 007/a 25 Aug 1920 18 Oct 1996 AC U.S. Army, World War II 20 Jun 1941
Cranford, Majorie Lipps 007 17 Jan 1924 20 Jun 1941
Decker, Viola E. 010 29 Nov 1940 funeral home marker; aged 0y
Gray, Rev. F. C. 012/a/b 28 Dec 1814 05 Jun 1882 Reverend Frazier Clifton Gray, son of James & Anna (Bradford) Gray; husb of Mary E. (Williams) Gray
Gray, J. H. 013/a 03 Oct 1847 13 Jan 1887
Gray, Rev. J. W., Sr. 014/a 13 Apr 1852 06 Jun 1915 Reverend John Williams Gray, Sr.; son of Rev. F. C. & Mary E. (Williams) Gray; husb of Nellie C. Gray
Gray, J. W., Jr. 014/a 22 Aug 1900 30 Mar 1920 John Williams Gray, Jr., son of Rev. J. W. & Nellie C. Gray
Gray, Mary E. 012/a/c 04 Jan 1825 20 Oct 1911 Mary Elizabeth Williams, dau of James Hyde & Anna (Williams) Williams; wife of Rev. F. C.
Gray, Nellie C. 017 1860 1930 Ellen Caroline (Wofford) Gray; wife of Rev. J. W.
Gray, Sallie P. 018/a 31 Oct 1856 28 Feb 1921 dau of Rev. F. C. & Mary E. Gray
Lipps, America E. 020/a 1856 18 Dec 1922 stone reads "Mrs. America Lipps, 66 Yrs old"
Lipps, Dora 021/a 14 Apr 1879 19 Apr 1899 stone reads "Miss Dora Lipps"
Lipps, Estella 022 09 Dec 1899 29 Nov 1964 wife of Taz G. 25 Dec 1920
Lipps, Minnie 023/a 11 Oct 1881 01 Jul 1899 stone reads "Miss Minnie Lipps"
Lipps, Taz G. 022 22 Feb 1891 21 Dec 1989 25 Dec 1920
Little, Issac Franklin 026 21 Jan 1875 03 Jun 1941
Little, Sadie Depriest 027 16 Feb 1888 11 May 1959
Powell, Infant Son 029 1912 son of R. & D. M.
Sinclare, Rosie 031/a 03 Apr 1888 18 Sep 1925 new stone reads " Mrs. Rose Lipps Sinclair"; aged 87y 5m 14d
Wells, Lucie Gray 033 25 Aug 1858 13 Jul 1939 dau. of Rev. J. W. & Nellie C. Gray
Wells, Rebecca 034 23 Sep 1833 02 Dec 1902
Wells, Sylvester E. "Vess" 035 03 Sep 1856 22 Apr 1919
Wells, Tazewell C. 033 20 Mar 1861 06 Apr 1933
Wofford, Clyde H. 038 1894 1939
Wofford, Estella 039 1867 1946 dau of Rev. J. W. & Nellie C. Gray, wife of W. H. Wofford
Wofford, W. H. 039 1865 1943
Wynns, Mattie A. 042/a/b 11 May 1842 15 May 1894 dau of Rev. F. C. & Mary E. Gray; wife of B. Wynns

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