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Evans Cemetery
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Paris to Big Sandy - 16 Miles (25 Minutes)

From Paris court square, take Market Street / Veterans Drive / Mineral Wells to 69A toward Big Sandy. Once in Big Sandy, turn left on Main Street (there is a Citgo Gas station on the Northwest corner), bear right on Front Street, turn left on Second Street, then right on Fifth Street (where a sign points to the right and reads "All Resorts"). Fifth Street takes a hard turn to the left and then right, and is now considered Lick Creek Road. A fork comes up pretty quick with Faxon Road, so bear to the left to stay on Lick Creek Road.

It is another 10 miles and between 25 to 30 minutes from Big Sandy to the Henry/Benton County line and the wildlife refuge boundary. You will pass an old storefront on your left and then turn left on Bennett's Creek Road to enter the refuge and cross the county line. While inside the refuge, you are on gravel roads at best and dirt roads at worst. You are best to double and triple check that your vehicle is prepared for some rough terrain. Also of note, Cellular phones do not work while in the old 23rd district, so emergency assistance may not be as easy to get.

Once inside the Old 23rd, follow Bennett's Creek Road for 3 miles, where you will turn left. I am not sure what the name of this road is or if it still has a commonly known name. Follow this road for four miles and take it slow. Potholes plague the gravel on this road. For a short distance, the road will travel almost directly under the power lines. When the road turns to the right away from the power lines, take it even slower because the road gets a bit windier. Follow for another 2/5 of a mile and the cemetery appear on your right.

The road apparently used to fork as it bent away from the power lines and that fork continue on to New Hope Road in Benton County. This would make for a very convenient round trip because its intersection with New Hope Road is not far from New Hope Road's intersection with Lick Creek Road, but the road did not look passable when we made this trip.

Travel time from Paris Court Square is approximately 1 hour, allowing for slow speeds.

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The Evans Cemetery sits largely undisturbed and tranquil, just south of the Henry-Benton County line. As one can imagine from reading the directions, this cemetery is quite a long way from civilization and many possible hazards lie in the way. This fact lends much to the generally good condition of this cemetery. It also makes regular upkeep difficult surely, unless the refuge rangers regularly see to its upkeep. Overall, its condition was fair.

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Earliest birth date: Elias Evans, born 15 Jan 1838. Names listed in Compendium: 90
Earliest death date: Ira Ray Evans, died March 1899. Names evident on records as of April 28, 2007: 96
Prevalent names seen: Culpepper: 14; Evans: 26; Merrill: 9
Photos archived here: 53

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Photographs taken April 28, 2007.
Name Photos Birth Death Notes Nearest Relative in 1943
Barnes, Bertha 005 Funeral home marker Sister: Mrs. Virgil Vaughn
Barnes, Flora 006/a Funeral home marker Sister: Mrs. Virgil Vaughn
Barnes, Freddie 006/007 Funeral home marker Sister: Mrs. Virgil Vaughn
Barnes, Raymond E. 008/a/b/c 28 Jul 1899 06 Dec 1917 Aged 18y; WWI, Member of Battery D, 114 Field Artillery, Died at Camp Seviere, SC Sister: Mrs. Virgil Vaughn
Barnes, Robert 009 Funeral home marker Sister: Mrs. Virgil Vaughn
Barnes, Vernon 010 Funeral home marker Sister: Mrs. Virgil Vaughn
Brown, Infant Mother: Mrs. E. E. Brown
Culpepper, Balum 1918 Daughter: Mrs. George Martin
Culpepper, Callie Mother: Elizabeth Culpepper
Culpepper, Child Brother: Roger Culpepper
Culpepper, Child Brother: Roger Culpepper
Culpepper, Constance 018 1916 1917
Culpepper, Ethel D. 019/a 11 Jul 1892 10 Jul 1911 Dau of J. B. & S. E. J. Culpepper Sister: Mrs. George Martin
Culpepper, Infant Uncle: Roger Culpepper
Culpepper, John Baalam 021 1848 1928
Culpepper, John Nephew: W. E. Evans
Culpepper, Nora 023 1870 1925 Son: Roger Culpepper
Culpepper, Susanna 024/a 11 Mar 1847 12 Dec 1918 Wife of J. B. Culpepper Daughter: Mrs. George Martin
Culpepper, Tad Brother: Roger Culpepper
Culpepper, Thedford B. 026 1908 1930
Culpepper, William R. 027 1871 1931 Son: Roger Culpepper
Dehart, Infant Mother: Lizzie Dehart
Evans, Annie 031 1880 1907 Funeral home marker Husband: W. E. Evans
Evans, Arthur Father: James Evans
Evans, Celia Elvira Culpepper 033 08 Sep 1848 1927 Wife of Elias Evans; Funeral home marker Son, James Evans
Evans, Child Mother: Claudie Evans
Evans, Child Mother: Claudie Evans
Evans, Elias 036 15 Jan 1838 1916 Funeral home marker Son: James Evans
Evans, Frank Father: James Evans
Evans, Freeman 038/a 1903 1993
Evans, Infant Father: W. E. Evans
Evans, Infant Brother: Freeman Evans
Evans, Infant Father: Norman Evans
Evans, Infant Father: James Evans
Evans, Infant Father: James Evans
Evans, Infant Father: James Evans
Evans, Ira Ray 045 ?? Mar 1899 ?? Mar 1899 Funeral home marker
Evans, Kadrah Mae 038 1910 1943
Evans, Lena 047 18 Sep. 1897 12 Dec 1914 Dau of M. & Roda A. Evans Brother: Luther Evans
Evans, Louie Father: James Evans
Evans, Martha Father: James Evans
Evans, Mettie 050/a/b 24 Jun 1895 20 Sep 1900 Dau of T. & N. Evans
Evans, Mose 051 1850 1946
Evans, Nancy 052 25 Dec 1867 10 Nov 1905 Aged 38y; Wife of Thomas Evans Son: Freeman Evans
Evans, Nettie 1900 1905 Aged 5y Brother: Freeman Evans
Evans, Rhoda Ann 054 1857 1939 Son: Luther Evans
Evans, Thomas Father: Kate Evans
Evans, Tommy J. 056 1884 1926 Wife: Claudie Evans
Fitchpatrick, Amanda 058/a 24 Jul 1851 14 Mar 1911 Wife of J. E. Fitchpatrick Son: Charlie Fitchpatrick
Fitchpatrick, Ed Son: Charlie Fitchpatrick
Fitchpatrick, Edward 058/a Aged 24y Brother: Charlie Fitchpatrick
Fitchpatrick, Henry 061/a Aged 3y Brother: Charlie Fitchpatrick
Fitchpatrick, James E. 061/a Aged 80y Brother: Charlie Fitchpatrick
Fitchpatrick, Lena 061/a Aged 7y Brother: Charlie Fitchpatrick
Grainger, Infant Mother: Melvina Grainger
Grainger, John H. 066 06 Mar 1883 19 Feb 1925 Mother: Melvina Grainger
Gray, Infant Mother: Mollie Gray
Gregor, Unknown
Hampton, Mary Sister: Bell Winters
Hawley, Infant Father: A. M. Hawley
Hawley, Infant Father: A. M. Hawley
Hawley, Miller, Jr. 076
Hawley, Pearl 077
Hawley, Sallie 078 18 Oct 1880 27 Nov 1916 Husb: A. M. Hawley
Herndon, Alvin 080 1881 1922 Wife: Janie Herndon
Herndon, Infant 081/a Stone marker "HERNDON" Mother, Janie Herndon
Herndon, Infant 081/082 Stone marker "HERNDON" Mother: Janie Herndon
Herndon, Infant 081/083 Stone marker "HERNDON" Mother: Janie Herndon
McSwaim, Lula Brother: J. R. McSwaim
McSwaim, M. J. Son: J. R. McSwaim
McSwaim, Maggie J. Son: J. R. McSwaim
McSwaim, Martin 088 08 Jan 1845 08 Jun 1928
McSwaim, Robert Brother: J. R. McSwaim
Martin, Beulah M. 091 1906 1922 Mother: Mrs. George Martin
Martin, George W. 092 1877 1938 Wife: Mrs. George Martin
Merrill, Alice Grandson: Ray Perkins
Merrill, Infant
Merrill, Infant
Merrill, Infant Nephew: A. Ray Perkins
Merrill, Infant Nephew: A. Ray Perkins
Merrill, Luke A. Ray Perkins
Merrill, Richard Grandson: Ray Perkins
Merrill, Unknown A. Ray Perkins
Merrill, Unknown Wife of Luke A. Ray Perkins
Oliver, Infant Wade Oliver
Pierce, Franklin Daughter: Mrs. E. E. Brown
Pierce, Mary Daughter: Mrs. E. E. Brown
Rhodes, Gerty Mae 109 02 Nov 1923 Husb: Osa Rhodes
Shutz, Henry G. 14 Aug 1887 23 May 1906 Aged 27y 9m 9d Brother-in-Law: Luther Evans
Shutz, Mary Alice 112/a 27 Nov 1882 12 Jan 1905 aged 23y 1m 15d; wife of Henry Brother: Luther Evans
Toombs, W. T. 114 10 Jun 1881 06 May 1910 aged 29y Wife: Lizzie Dehart
Watkins, Isaac Son: Harmon Watkins
Watkins, Unknown wife of Isaac, first name not recorded Son: Harmon Watkins
Williams, Infant Uncle: J. R. McSwaim
Williams, Infant Uncle: J. R. McSwaim
Williams, Louise Daughter: Mary Evans

Ambient Photos
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