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Culpepper Cemetery
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Paris to Big Sandy - 16 Miles (25 Minutes)

From Paris court square, take Market Street / Veterans Drive / Mineral Wells to 69A toward Big Sandy. Once in Big Sandy, turn left on Main Street (there is a Citgo Gas station on the Northwest corner), bear right on Front Street, turn left on Second Street, then right on Fifth Street (where a sign points to the right and reads "All Resorts"). Fifth Street takes a hard turn to the left and then right, and is now considered Lick Creek Road. A fork comes up pretty quick with Faxon Road, so bear to the left to stay on Lick Creek Road.

It is another 10 miles and between 25 to 30 minutes from Big Sandy to the Henry/Benton County line and the wildlife refuge boundary. You will pass an old storefront on your left and then turn left on Bennett's Creek Road to enter the refuge and cross the county line. While inside the refuge, you are on gravel roads at best and dirt roads at worst. You are best to double and triple check that your vehicle is prepared for some rough terrain. Also of note, Cellular phones do not work while in the old 23rd district, so emergency assistance may not be as easy to get.

Once inside the Old 23rd, follow Bennett's Creek Road for 3 miles, where you will turn left. I am not sure what the name of this road is or if it still has a commonly known name. Take it slow - potholes plague the gravel on this road. After two miles, the road will bed sharply to the right. About 500 feet West from this bend, on the South side of the road, the cemetery sits inside the woods. Thomas Culpepper's stone is about three feet tall.

Travel time from Paris Court Square is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, allowing for slow speeds.

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The Culpepper Cemetery is located on the most remote half of the Old 23rd, just next to the main road, in the woods where it is almost undetectable unless you know where to look. It did not show any signs of upkeep when we visited, but this may be because it is only two graves. Sarah Culpepper's stone is broken and was nowhere to be found. Only its base remains. Overall the condition is fair.

The compendium listing included some graves that were moved by TVA in 1943. It also indicates that there were 30 graves that were not identified but were moved to Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery.

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Earliest birth date: Thomas Culpepper, born 10 Aug 1830. Names listed in Compendium: 2
Oldest death date: Sarah Ann Dortch Culpepper, died 11 Jan 1900. Names evident on records as of April 28, 2007: 2
Prevalent names seen: Culpepper: 2
Photos archived here: 2

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Photographs taken April 28, 2007.
Name Photos Birth Death Notes Cause of Death Nearest Relative
Culpepper, Lewis/Louis 1855 1895 Aged 40y; Moved to Sugar Creek Cem., Benton County Sunstroke
Culpepper, Maggie 1862 1892 Aged 30y; Moved to Sugar Creek Cem., Benton County Tuberculosis
Culpepper, Sarah Ann Dortch 007 1840 11 Jan 1900 Aged 60y; Wife of T. B. Culpepper; Remained in place; Stone broken
Culpepper, Thomas B. 008/007 10 Aug 1830 04 May 1911 Aged 81y; Remained in place
Culpepper, William 1893 1920 Aged 27y; Moved to Sugar Creek Cem., Benton County Appendix
Hudgins, John 1902 Moved to Mt. Zion Cem. Pneumonia
Martin, A. J. 26 Oct 1838 23 Jan 1900 Aged 62y; Moved to Mt. Zion Cem. Bright's disease Son: Lon Martin
Martin, Polly 1847 1905 Aged 58y; Wife of A. J. Martin; Moved to Mt. Zion Cem. Dropsy Son: Lon Martin
Merrell, Infant 1921 1921 Moved to Antioch Cem. Stillborn
Merrell, J. C., Jr. 1928 1928 Moved to Antioch Cem. Stillborn

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