Cemeteries of Henry County Tennessee
Bradford Cemetery
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From Paris court square, take 79 East toward Dover approximately 15 and 1/2 miles to Bridgeview Road. Turn right (South) on Bridgeview Road then right (Southwest) on Scenic Drive. Turn right (West) on Eagle Creek Spur, left (South) on Golf Course Lane, then left (East) on the TVA access road. The cemetery will be about 200 feet up the road on your left.

Access to Golf Course Lane from 79 is gated off.

Travel time from Paris Court Square is approximately 20-25 minutes.

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The Bradford Cemetery is located on a TVA access road East of the present day golf course. It appears to be currently well maintained despite its age. It is sad to learn that this cemetery seems to house quite a number graves that were not marked and whose locations and identities are forgotten and will likely never be learned.

The namesake for the cemetery seems to be the Crawford family, although current records place a Mr. Marion Griffin as the cemetery's first grave. It can be surmised that there are a few possibly older graves of the Bradfords among those unknown graves mentioned. It was this author's knowledge that Crawford Bradford settled on the other side of the river, in Stewart county, when he migrated with David Gray from North Carolina. So the grave being here in Henry county is a bit suspect. We are, nonetheless, glad to see it.

Records contained in the Compendium indicate that there are two unfortunately segregated sections of this cemetery, one being for African American graves and the other for Caucasian. This author has left the division of names in the listing purely for purposes of identification by researchers.

The size of the clearing that the cemetery's stones inhabit is unusually small even for the amount of known graves listed. The authors may plan another expedition out to this cemetery to see if further investigation is needed.

The following is the text found in the Compendium regarding this cemetery:

No location given. (Copied from: The Kentucky Lake Cemetery Relocation Project by Judith Ann Maupin (1975) which says "This cemetery was above elevation, but the access was flooded. It contained 36 white and 55 Negro graves. It was well-kept and monumented. Remain permits were executed on 21 graves in the white section, four of these on persons known to be buried here although the exact location of each was unknown. No information could be obtained on the remaining 15 graves in the white section. Remain permits were executed on 31 graves in the Negro section, 15 on graves of persons whose exact location was not known. Nothing could be learned about the rest. All the graves remained."

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Earliest birth date: Crawford Bradford, born 25 DEC 1788. Names listed in Compendium: 51
Earliest death date: Mr. Marion Griffin, died 1862. Names evident on records as of March 25, 2007: 58
Prevalent names seen: Ross: 12
Photos archived here: 15

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Photographs taken March 25, 2007.
Name Photos Birth Death Notes Marriage
Caucasian Section
Bradford, Crawford 007/a 25 Dec 1788 23 Aug 1868
Chilcutt, Adeline 1880 1900
Chilcutt, Earnest 1900 infant
Chilcutt, Jack 1865 1895
Chilcutt, Martha
Chilcutt, M. F. 1825 1900
Chilcutt, W. F. 014 no date no date Co. A. 5 Tennessee Inf. C.S.A.; possibly M.F. Chilcutt?
Griffin, Mr. Marion 1830 1862 Location Unknown
Kendall, Ellen 1850 1920 Location Unknown
Key, Mrs. Elizabeth 1827 1901 Location Unknown
Key, William 1823 1898 Location Unknown
Lemonds, Mary 023/a 1848 28 Mar 1881 wife of G.C.
Nairon, ?. Cates 1850 1883
Nairon, Mrs. J. C. 1820 1900
Oliver, George 1842 1912
Oliver, ? (Mrs. George) 1847 1912
Robertson, Mr. Dolly 1899 1929 (male)
Ross, Dessa E. 033 1881 1977
Ross, Dora M. 034 1894 1922
Ross, Grover C. 035 1892 1971 1921
Ross, Gurnie 036 12 Nov 1918 10 Jan 1999 PFC U.S. Army, World War II
Ross, Henry 037 1884 1886
Ross, John C. 033 1889 1952
Ross, Josh H. 039 1857 1925
Ross, May 1900 1923
Ross, Nettie B. 035 1900 1926 1921
Ross, Nora I. 042 1867 1909
Ross, Samuel 043 1897 1923
Ross, Mrs. V. H. 1862 1907
Turner, Infant
Williams, Melissa aged 45 y.
African American Section
Caldwell, Allen 1817 1917
Coleman, Mary Ann 1867 1902 Location Unknown
Easley, Areta 1895 1935
Gaines, Will 1889 1914
Gray, Annie Mariah 1880 Location Unknown
Gray, Ellen 1920 Location Unknown
Gray, Hattie 1880 Location Unknown
Gray, Infants (2) Location Unknown, Twins
Gray, Infants (4) Location Unknown
Gray, Liza 1823 1898
Gray, Lou 1888 1938
Gray, Prince Location Unknown
Gray, Tiberius 1904 1906
Kendall, Ana 1866 1936
Kendall, Bill 1852 1922
Perkins, Ann 1851 1921
Perkins, Florida 1942
Perkins, Joe 1888 1903
Perkins, Lenchi
Perkins, Otho 1906 1910
Perkins, Roy 1891 1903
Perkins, Walter 1894 1929
Perkins, Willie 1905 1925
Pino, Viola May 1909 1932

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